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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Milestone: Rolling over

This morning, Mira rolled over for the first time. She and I were laying in bed together. I was a couple feet away from her. She was on her back and lifted her feet in the air and then kicked them over to one side. This turned her onto her side. Then she wriggled about a little more over the next minute or so and ended up on her belly. I'm not sure if it was a sincere attempt to get closer to me or if it was just an accident, but in either case she then got really upset that she was on her tummy. I didn't realize the significance of what had happened right away; it was kind of like, "Oh dear, Mira's upset because she's on her belly... I guess I'll pull her in to nurse... wait a minute... brain processing... Mira rolled over!"


Lindsey said...

Gosh she's growing so fast!

Marcy said...

WOW that is super impressive!! Back-to-front is the tough one!

Criss said...

I remember how in awe I was watching Donovan learn how to do all those little things that to us are so automatic, but they don't know how to do yet... rolling over, holding something, realizing that thing over there to your side is YOUR HAND and it's doing something... amazing. You can see the little wheels churning as they develop those motor skills.