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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Teething already???

Could Mira be teething already? Over the last week or so, she's been shoving her hands into her mouth a LOT. Occasionally, she'll grab my finger, bring it to her mouth, and chew on it. And she's been excessively drooly. Brian and I joke that we have a baby fountain. This chewing thing is pretty new. Previously, if a finger made it to her mouth, she would suck on it, not chew. She also has moments where she's a tiny bit fussy (nothing serious, she just seems to be expressing unhappiness rather than screaming or crying... you'll see what I mean toward the end of the video).

I've tried some teethers: frozen, refrigerated, and room-temp. She has absolutely zero interest in doing anything with them. Except that some of them are fun colors and she'll stare at them for a while. But chewing on them? Forget it. That's what Mommie's finger is for. However, sometimes Mommie would like to be doing something else with that hand...

I picked up some baby Oragel. (Actually I got a different brand cuz this one was dye free and sugar free, but it's still just a benzocaine solution so essentially the same thing.) But on the bottle it says for babies 4 months and up. Does anyone know if I can use this for Mira (she's almost 3 months)? I guess I'll have to ask her pediatrician...

This video's kinda cute... I'm not biased at all. I'll have to teach her that ladies don't talk with their mouths full, though.


Lindsey said...

Ryan popped out 4 teeth around 4 months, I think. It's hard to remember. If she's all drooly though, she might have a couple coming in. My mom said Kevan was born with teeth.

Marcy said...

I swear Donovan started teething at about 3 months. He had the classic signs on and off for about 3-4 months after that.

He got his first tooth at 7 months old.

I personally am not a fan of orajel. Think about it-- how easy is it to be precise when putting a thin, sticky substance on baby gums? Especially drooly ones? And we all know how annoying that feeling of having half your mouth be numb after a dentist visit, right? I've read that pediatricians are starting to recommend against using orajel for those reasons. If she seems really uncomfortable you can give Tylenol (you can call your pediatrician to find out the proper dosage for her, I forget at what age they start printing it on the box).

She's also just getting to that hand-chewing stage. For the next several months she'll probably have her hands in her mouth constantly, teething or not.

This is the mystery and wonder of teething-- you never really know if it's the true cause or not (until you see/feel those sharp white points coming through) but you can always blame baby's crankiness on it! ; )

Marcy said...

BTW I've read that age of first tooth coming through is supposedly hereditary, so you and Brian could try to find out if either of you cut your first teeth early.