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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Water water everywhere... wait... that's not water

So tonight I was getting the little darling ready to bathe, running the water into the tub while she sat, naky and grinning on my lap.  And what is going on... but my leg is getting warm... no cold... no wait OMG HAHAH.  Yes I just got peed on.  

It's a nothing event for most parents; and an even *more* nothing event for non-parents... but for me it was the highlight of my evening.  Yup - getting peed on was fun.  








Talking with a co-worker today; we shared the sentament that it's better to run errands during our lunch break - even the non-savory ones because after work family time is precious.  It truly has become the best part of the day for me.  Those giant smiles and proto-giggles; the wiggling and squirming; the coos and  BIG EYES staring into mine... even getting peed on just before bath time; all conspire to make my day better.  I can cope with anything - coming home to this.  


Marcy said...

Which is also great for Laura. Or, I don't know if she's the same way, but I know by about 5pm I'm starting to watch that door waiting for Zach to come home... ; )

(he's cute and all, but some days get LOOOONG)

Laura said...

Absolutely, Marcy. On days when Brian has class he's not home till 8pm. I think I count every minute of the 7 o'clock hour.

Criss said...

I guess getting peed on is cuter when it's your own kid... I got peed on at day care, and it wasn't that much fun. Plus I didn't have clothes to change into. It was a long shift.