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Monday, April 13, 2009

Mira's first Easter

Yesterday, of course, was Easter Sunday. Brian, Mira, and I spent lunch over at Grams' house (Brian's mom, Janice). The "Easter Bunny" had left Mira a beautiful basket full of gifts and treats.

After lunch we all went over to Papa's house (Brian's dad, Phil). Mira watched her cousin Ryan hunt easter eggs.

She seemed to put up really well with all the people and commotion at Phil's house. (That family is really big, so any gathering can easily amount to over 20 people.) She was passed around to several different family members, and she obligingly cooed and smiled. I know that most kids go through a shy period where they don't want to be held by anyone but Mommie, but I'm sort of hoping that Mira will skip that phase... Wishful thinking, I know, but she's been the perfect baby in so many ways that now I'm starting to get optimistic about how she'll behave. Brian and I joke that we have the "TV baby". You know, the one who patiently sits in their bassinet in the corner of the room, only injecting a coo into the conversation when there is a convenient pause in what the adults are saying. "TV babies" also go to sleep when Mom wants and only wake when Mom is ready to retrieve them. Ok so maybe Mira's not that good, but she constantly surprises me with how easy she is. By the time she turned two months old, she was sleeping one 6 hour stretch followed by one 3 hour stretch at night. Now that she's nearly 3 months, she regularly sleeps from about 10pm to 8am with only one night waking. She's never had a problem eating, whether via breast or bottle. She's happy and easy-going most of the time. She patiently sits in her swing every morning and watches while I do my morning work out. She travels relatively easily... I mean, who gets this lucky??? Don't get me wrong, being Mira's mother is still a LOT of work: there's diapers and nursing and pumping and reading and entertaining and teaching and errand-running and soothing and playing and on and on. What I'm saying is that I'm constantly surprised at how enjoyable she makes it all. Which I guess is a good way to feel about your child.


Marcy said...

I hate you.

Just kidding!! lol Mira does sound like a very sweet, easy little girl. Hopefully she stays that way!

And who knows, she might pass that "shy stage" too. Donovan never went through that "stranger anxiety" phase, has instead always loved new people (now that I've said that he'll probably hate everybody starting this week). He hasn't always loved being held by them for more than a few minutes, but he's pretty good in social settings and seems to like people in general. So we lucked out there.

Lindsey said...

You got a baby with Brian's temperament which makes sense since Brian's the dad. Maybe most babies are like that and Ryan is the exception to the baby rule

Criss said...

Be careful, you might jinx yourself! :P

We were going to make the drive to Austin this weekend, but the car decided to throw a minor hissy fit and I decided that I needed a weekend at home (worked last Saturday, was out of town the weekend before, will be out of town this weekend...) It wasn't until sometime Saturday that I realized this was my chance to meet Mira!!! Argh!!!

Summer's coming (SOON! PLEASE!!) and I'll manage to make a trip to Austin then... sometime...

Brian Drake said...

Mira's going to be around for a while; I'm sure we'll make a connection soon.

I have to admit - I love the fact that I got a daughter with my temperament... I am only praying that we don't follow my parents pattern and get a 'Lindsey' next :P