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Monday, April 27, 2009

Too many nicknames?

I have so many nicknames for Mira. I call her sweetie pea, pretty girl, sugar bear, my love, ... and oh yeah, sometimes I even call her Mira. I've been wondering if all these nicknames are confusing her. Or at the very least, prolonging the amount of time it will take her to learn her own name. Should I cut back and stick to only one nickname? Cuz I couldn't do away with all of them... picking just one to use would be hard enough. And I refuse to do away with nicknames alltogether because I had a nickname that my dad called me growing up* and I loved (and still love) the nickname. It was (and still is) endearing and sentimental to me. But I'm wondering if I'm using too many for her to identify with one. Maybe I'm thinking about this way too hard...

*The nickname my dad used for me was chicken lips. Why? I have no idea. What are chicken lips anyway? Again, no idea. Do chickens even have lips? Absolutely not.


Anjea said...

It won't delay her learning her name at all. Don't worry about it.

From your friendly neighborhood speech pathologist... :D

Marcy said...

Parents have been calling their kids all sorts of nicknames from the beginning of speech, probably, and they all eventually learn their names. No worries. =)

Laura said...

Yeah... I think I'm worrying about nothing... as usual.