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Friday, April 3, 2009

We had a good day today...

This morning Mira and I went to a playdate with a couple of other kids and their mommies. It was a beautiful day and we were at the park behind the Arboretum. It was nice to be outside, but we tried to stay out of the direct sun because I didn't want Mira to get sunburned. Mira enjoyed watching the other children do neat things like eat from a spoon and roll over and stand up. I enjoyed two-sided conversation.

Anyway, on our way back home I drove through Sonic for a cherry limeaid (yum). Mira was fascinated with the cup that it came in. It had bright colors on it and when it shook the ice inside made this great sound and the straw could go in and out. It was the coolest cup ever... or so Mira thought.

Later, she was trying out her vocal chords. She is working especially hard on the "G" sound. So lots of goo's and gaa's and ugg's. I tried to get some of our conversation on video...


Lindsey said...

Ryan says of the cup - "It's from Sonics"

So great that we can see her growing from afar. Keep 'em coming

Marcy said...

I love all the random little baby arm and leg movements. =)