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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Busy busy busy

Mira and I had a very busy day today. We got up in the morning and did our normal morning routine: check the weather, dress the baby, nurse, eat breakfast, workout, shower, dress. Then we prepared a picnic lunch for Brian and us. The building that Brian works in has a really nice courtyard and the weather was pretty today, if a bit warm.

After lunch with Brian, Mira and I went to run some errands: bank, Lowe's, coffee shop. Then we met my mom downtown and went to the farmer's market. I got some basil and oregano and some tabouli. My mom picked up some tomatoes and some cheese. Then we dropped in on my cousin, A, who has a boy who is a year old, N. N liked watching Mira nurse. Being adopted, he'd not been nursed by A. He thought it was so interesting that he decided he'd like to try it and went up to A and bit the front of her shirt. Then he got his baby doll out and showed us how to hold a baby... for about 0.2 seconds before shoving the doll into my mom's hands and running off to play with his toy tractor. N is a real man's man. There's only so much of this "baby care" bologna he can put up with. When we finally got home, we made dinner, then bathtime and Mira passed out an hour early which gave me a convenient break which I will now use to *gasp* read a book that has zero illustrations and absolutely nothing to do with babies.

1 comment:

Marcy said...

OH MY GOODNESS Brian and Mira are making the same face in that picture!! How adorable!

That is a busy day. I'm impressed. And I love how interested kids are in babies. I remember a few times when a curious toddler would catch me nursing Donovan and seem so captivated by it.