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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tummy time progress

Yesterday Mira had great progress in her tummy time. She was pushing up a lot on her arms. Several times she got her knees up under her butt. I was surprised by her progress because just earlier that same day, we did tummy time and had no significant improvement. Maybe she just had less energy before or maybe she finally decided this tummy time business was something worth doing. Either way, it made me happy to see her trying.

I really hope she learns to crawl. I've known several kids that never learned to crawl: they either find a different mode of locomotion like scooting or rolling or they just go straight to walking. But the funny thing is the *reason* that I want her to learn to crawl. You see, she has all these little outfits with cute things on the butt. Like ruffles or an embroidered flower or insect. And really, how can you truly showcase those outfits without a crawling baby??? How petty is that?

And I leave you with this: just a cute video that I took last night.

1 comment:

Marcy said...

lol! Watch what you wish for, though. You might get an early crawler and be wishing she'd stayed still a bit longer. ;)

(Also, I think scooting, army crawling, and the "monkey walk"--walking in hands and feet-- would also showcase butt adornments quite nicely. =P)