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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Doctor's appointment

So this morning Mira had a doctor's appointment.  She's had a little cough, and so I asked the doctor if he thought it was ok to go ahead with the vaccines.  He said that it would be fine, especially since she hadn't been running a fever and she was still acting happy and alert.  So she had her next round of vaccines.  It bothered me a lot less this time to see her getting stuck.  Does that mean that I'm becoming desensitized?  Whatever.  It also seemed to bother Mira a lot less, so maybe that's why.  She only cried for a few seconds, and was comforted simply by me holding her and patting her back.  (Last time we got shots, she cried terribly and took a long time to settle, even through nursing.)  What a tough kiddo!  She even smiled goodbye at the nurse that gave her the shots.  I bet she doesn't get that too often.  

While we were there, all the staff was gushing over Mira.  The nurse that came in to weigh her said, "I usually have the parents carry them to the scale, but could I do it please?  She's just so irresistable."  I said that of course she could and we went to the scale.  At the scale, she called all the other staff over to see how cute Mira was being.  Before I knew it there was a solid wall of people surrounding the scale, with Mira in the middle just smiling up at everyone.  And these folks see babies all the time, so you know Mira must be something special to merit all that attention.  

Not sure if anyone cares about this, but here's what the doctor said about my questions.  Some wax earplugs (like the kind that they make for swimmer's ear) are the way to go whenever I'm in loud situations.  I shouldn't worry too much about the bottle situation because soon she'll be on solids anyway, but that I could try feeding her from a sippy cup, if needed.  When she gets gassy I can give her infant's Mylicon.  

Mira's got good normal physical progression: reaching for things, responding to noise, tracking moving objects, rolling over, holding up her head, pushing up onto her elbows when laid on her tummy, etc.  She is now 24 inches long (60th percentile), weighs 13 pounds (60th percentile), and is 70th percentile for head size.  Guess all Momma's milk does a body good.  

After the doctor's appointment, Mira and I met my mom for lunch.  We ate at Texas French Bread and sat out on the patio under the giant oak tree.  They just added a little playscape and Grandma introduced Mira to the wonderful world of slides (of course, holding her the entire time, but I think Mira got the idea).  The weather was still really nice today, so that was fun.

So now Mira is taking a super long nap.  That's actually been the nice thing about her being a little bit sick: she's sleeping a lot, even during the day.  I'm enjoying all the "me" time.  Is that selfish of me?  Oh well.  

I leave you with the following random cute photo.  Enjoy.


Marcy said...

We're all programmed to believe that our kids are the cutest ever, but it's still so nice to get feedback from others that our opinions are actually real. ; )

And go ahead, be selfish! You're allowed to rejoice in the 0.01% of the day that you don't spend caring for another human being.

Criss L. Cox said...

I'm with Marcy on the "selfish" thing.

Yay for good doctor's visits! :)