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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Grabby. And ZOMG peek-a-boo.

So over the past few days (maybe a week), Mira's been waving her arms with more purpose. She's actually reaching for things now. When she manages to grab something, she'll usually pull it to her chest or mouth. So I set up some of her mobiles to have things hanging from them so that she can practice grabbing.

I am absolutely shocked how quickly she made progress in this department. I can see improvement over a matter of hours! Her movements are still jerky, but more and more, the obvious purpose behind the movements is coming out. Like the way she grabs her blanket to play peek-a-boo. I posted on this earlier today, but wasn't able to get video this morning because all I could do was stand there in stunned silence and gape. But I put the blanket in her hands again this afternoon, just sort-of hoping not really knowing if she would repeat the action. But when I got the blanket into her hands she did this little huh-huh kind of laugh and then started in with the peek-a-boo. By the time I got the camera running, she was already beginning to tire of the game, so she looks sort-of ho-hum about the whole thing. She even yawns toward the end. Like, "Yeah, I can peek-a-boo, Mom. Get over it." But anyway here it is: proof that our baby is able to initiate the game of peek-a-boo at the mere age of 3 months.

1 comment:

Marcy said...

It's ASTOUNDING isn't it? This is about the age when I remember it starting to suddenly get so much more fun. The ability to reach out and grab makes toys more fun, and from here on out there's so many new skills and new things they learn and it's just amazing and breath-taking. Enjoy it! =)