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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Today the weather was beautiful, so Mira and I met Brian at his work for a picnic lunch.  Brian's office building has a nice big shaded courtyard and we sat under a tree and ate sandwiches and watched the squirrels.  Mira really enjoyed it.  I think she likes to see her daddy in the middle of the day.  Gives her a break from her boring ol' mom.  

Mira's been sounding congested today.  She doesn't have a fever and she still seems to be in relatively good spirits, but when I lay her down to feed her she makes this kind of mucus-y sound in the back of her throat.  And her nose is a little runny.  And she's got this little cough.  And when I say "little cough", I mean the tiniest cutest little cough I've ever heard.  Does it make me a bad mother if I think that my child's illness is adorable?

Tomorrow, we have a doctor's appointment for her next round of vaccines.  I wonder if they'll want to go ahead with the vaccinations if her immune system is already compromised with an illness.  I guess we'll see...


Donna Kinney said...

It probably doesn't make any diffference with most vaccines, because they are almost all killed, not live.


Marcy said...

What our pediatricians always told us was that the only time they waited on vaccines was if you need to make sure your kid doesn't have a fever. For example if they've been sick and just got through a round of antibiotics and you're waiting to see if they're over it or if the fever comes back, then you might wait so if she does get a fever you know it's from the illness coming back and not a side effect from the vaccines.

Hope her little cold gets better soon (as adorable as it is!). If she gets more stuffy, we've always found saline drops to be miracle workers over here. ; )

Criss L. Cox said...

The mid-day picnics sound heavenly -- a good break for all three of you, I'll bet. :)