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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The last few days

So today Mira rolled over THREE times. From her belly to her back. I think I can safely say that she has that one down. I'll try and get a video of it soon. With my NEW VIDEO CAMERA. For Mother's Day, Brian (and Mira) got me a very nice new video recorder. It's so tiny, not much larger than a cell phone. And the quality is much better than the camera that I had been using. So once Brian gets my computer back to functioning, I'll be uploading some much better videos. Brian's been really busy doing the end-of-semester cramming, which will thankfully be over tomorrow. I appreciate and respect Brian's desire to go back to school, but now that there's a baby involved... boy do I like having him home right after work. (He's taking evening classes for now. So on the nights that he has class I don't see him till late. Those days can get long.)

Tonight Mira was really fussy due to gas. I get so frustrated when that happens because I feel helpless. When it's really bad (like tonight), she won't nurse; bouncing, rocking, sitting, standing none of that helps; distractions like toys, lights, music, paci doesn't work for more than a second. So eventually we went on a car ride. That worked well, but I was really tired while driving so maybe not the safest solution. Oh well. Sometimes a mommie's gotta do what a mommie's gotta do.

Friday, Brian's boss let his team leave work early for a group trip to see Star Trek. Janice (Brian's mom) was available to babysit so that I could go, too. So that was nice. Plus the movie was awesome. Then on Saturday, my mom offered to babysit so that Brian and I could go on a date for Brian's birthday. So we went to dinner and another movie (we saw Wolverine, which was good, but not as good as Star Trek). Then Sunday, Mother's Day, Janice and Kevan (Brian's sister) and Javi (Kevan's S.O. and professional chef) came over to our house and Javi cooked for everyone, which was scrumptious as usual. Then Janice watched Mira while Brian and I went and did some shopping. Brian got a new set of golf irons with his birthday money.

So in one weekend Mira was babysat 3 times. It was nice to have time to just be a wife and have a date with my man, but at the same time... I actually felt like I didn't get enough time with Mira. I think mostly what I missed was breastfeeding her. She took more bottles this weekend alone than she had in the entire month prior. I was a little surprised at how I missed those feedings. Holding her so close, nourishing her, quiet and peaceful... I guess I really LIKE it. Huh.

Anyway, so I promise my next post will be less wordy and more pictury (is that a word?). I know how everyone loves to see the cuteness. (And I have no illusions about anyone hanging on my every word.) ;-P


Brian Drake said...

*I* hang on your every word!

Marcy said...

For the first month or 2 after Donovan was born Zach was still taking French classes which were 2 nights a week. Yeah, those were long days...

Have fun with the new toy! Videos are priceless... I already am in awe when I look back at videos from a year ago. So amazing how quickly everything changes, and it's so, so wonderful to document it all along the way.

Criss said...

Busy weekend! :)

Lindsey said...

Long posts are just fine. Write away!