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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quick trip to Eastland

On Sunday, my aunt was celebrating her 50th birthday out in Eastland, so Mira and I went with my parents for a quick visit.  This gave us the chance  to meet my cousin’s new baby boy.  He’s only 2 months old, but already weighs 12 pounds (only one pound less than Mira)!  So he and Mira were about the same size.  Though Mira is further along, developmentally.  Mira had never met anyone younger than her before.  But she seemed just as interested in the baby as she is in older children.

I love Mira's face in that last one.  She makes me laugh.

We stayed overnight at my grandmother's house.  They have a little playscape in the yard there.  The baby swing on the playscape is shaped like a little car.  Mira got to give it a try.  I love the way her feet hang out the bottom.  Very Flintstone-esque. 


Criss L. Cox said...

That swing is AWESOME!!!

The babies are cute, too. :P

Marcy said...

The car swing is, indeed, awesome. I'm afraid of how unbelievably excited Donovan would get to see something like that! lol