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Monday, May 18, 2009

Cold toes? Not my fault.

Mira finds our attempts at keeping socks on her toes to be feeble at best.  


Criss said...

Well, you're the one putting toys on her feet! What ELSE is she supposed to do?


Marcy said...

Well, hey it's almost summer! Who needs socks! ; )

I found most socks to be a joke. Donovan wouldn't actively pull them off, but it seemed that I'd put them on and within 5 minutes they'd have slid halfway down his foot already. Whenever I was serious about keeping socks on him (like at night) I'd use those Old Navy ankle socks. Only kind that stayed on. And the shoes helped lots, too (Target has some that look just like Robeez and seem to work just as well, for about half the price btw).