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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cool developments

Some random cool stuff that Mira has done recently:

Mira has a book about puppies that has cartoon drawings of dogs doing various things. There are drawings of balls on 3 different pages of this book. After reading through the book a few times with her pointing out all the things on each page and me naming them, she turned the book to each of the three pages with a ball on it, pointed to the ball (and only the ball) on each page (with me saying "ball... ball.... ball...") and then got up out of my lap and went straight to her big toy ball and touched it and said firmly, "dat".

I had on an episode of Sesame Street (now that we've gone down to nursing only once a day, I find that watching TV is the only way to get her to keep still while I cut her nails) so that I could trim her nails. Elmo's World was about jumping and there were a bunch of kids on the screen jumping up and down. Mira, watching intently, began bouncing up and down on her bottom in my lap. Since it was clearly going to be impossible to finish cutting her nails until the bouncing subsided, I set her down on the floor and asked her if she'd like to try jumping. She stood there and, still watching the TV wide-eyed, began bending her knees to bounce a bit on her feet (not quite jumping, but still cool).

She loves to play with my cell phone, pressing all the buttons to make it beep. Recently, she started also holding it to her ear.

Mira builds towers with her jumbo Lego-style blocks. (Thanks to Aunt Lindsey for the great birthday gift.)

Mira dances to music. In this video, she's playing with some stacking rings that also sing. Whenever she makes it sing, she starts to dance. (Thanks to Aunt Vanessa for the cool Christmas gift.)

1 comment:

Lindsey said...

I'm so glad she likes it! She's such a cutie, I love to see her videos. I'll share these with R. when she gets home on Monday