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Saturday, March 6, 2010


It's funny how, even at such a young age, children can so clearly express their personality. Mira is turning out to be quite the girly girl.

In evidence, the following items for your inspection:
1. She already has opinions on what she should wear. I've never really given her choices about clothing. I guess I just assumed that she was too young to be interested in making that decision. Yet again, I seem to have underestimated her maturity because she has really taken a fondness to her leg warmers (the very ones she is wearing in the video at the end of this post). She wants to wear them all the time. To bed, to play, to go in the car, to nap, ... all the time. If she doesn't have them on, she'll find them and bring them to me or Brian and then hold them up to her legs and look at us expectantly. She also picked out her socks this morning, choosing the blue cookie monster socks to go with her red outfit. Now that's style.
2. She likes to do hair. Lately I've taken to trying to keep a barrette in her hair to keep her bangs, which are getting a little long, out of her eyes. Well, she loves to take the barrette out and put it in my hair. Then take it out of my hair and put it back in her own. And then back out of her hair and into Daddy's. I suspect Mira is the only person in the world for whom Brian would wear a pink bow in his hair.
3. She loves flowers. Today we were at the park with a bunch of my fellow mommy friends and their little ones. All the other babies were playing with the mulch under the playscape or the grass or the rocks. Without me even noticing, Mira managed to find the only dandelion flower in the whole area and pick it up. She then proceeded to try to give the flower to her little friend, but he was distinctly uninterested. I tried to get her to play with a stick, but she just threw it down with a disgusted look on her face.
4. She dislikes being dirty. When we're playing outside and she gets dirt on her hands, she holds them up to me, like "here, mom, wipe this junk off". When eating, and something sticky gets on her hands, she flings them all about until said sticky thing flies off in a random direction.
5. She's interested in makeup. Especially chapstick. See the video below.


Anjea said...

This post made me snicker quite a bit. I'm guessing Brian didn't let you take a picture of him with the bow in his hair? :D

Those legwarmers are super cute! Where did you find them?

Marcy said...

Adorable, all of it! lol It's so cool, too, to see them expert their own likes and dislikes and be able to let you know what they want.

I'm very much about trying not to reinforce gender roles or stereotypes, but I also have to admit that there's an awful lot that really does seem to be driven by pure nature. Like Donovan's obsession with cars, trucks, lawnmowers, leafblowers... basically anything that has wheels and/or makes lots of noise.