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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Language Comprehension

Mira's still not talking too much. She has three words that she says in context: cat, dog, mama. She also says baby and dada, but she doesn't use them to identify those things yet. HOWEVER (and it's a big however), it has become blatantly clear that she understands soooo much. She can now point to nearly any part of her anatomy, she can identify people she is familiar with by name (when asked "where's so-and-so?" she'll turn and wave at that person), she often listens to directions and follows them (for example, I can say "Mira, will you please bring me my socks?" and she does so), and she correctly identifies tons of objects by pointing to them when asked where they are. She has 3 favorite books and can identify any object in any of those books. And speaking of books, she has learned that reading is one of those things that I will usually drop whatever I'm in the middle of to do with her. So reading books has quickly become one of her favorite things to do. As I said, she has 3 favorites and we probably read those 3 books at least 10 times each per day. Plus when I get tired of those 3, I start hiding them so then we usually end up reading a handful of her other books too every day. It is crazy and wonderful how fast she is learning. And I really love teaching her. To the point that I try to find something new to teach her every day. Right now, we're working on colors. But I think that may be a difficult concept. Because I just said that that was a "banana". How can it also be a "yellow"? At least, this is what I picture her thinking.

On a completely unrelated topic, I recently took these pictures after Mira had decided she didn't want to wear the outfit she had on (the solid hot pink shirt and the light pink pants) and instead wanted to wear her striped onesie and one legwarmer. Yes, one legwarmer. After I changed her, she picked up her original outfit and held it up to me like she wanted to put that one back on. So I just tied the shirt around her shoulders. She was pleased as punch.


Anjea said...

I've got a feeling that second picture could eventually end up in a slideshow for the "then" picture when she's a senior in high school. :D

There are lots of ways you can differentiate the color thing. When you're reading her picture book that has the 6-8 items per page that are all the same color, read it as "a yellow banana, "a yellow umbrella," etc. and when you ask her to point to them, tell her to point to the yellow such-and-such. Alternatively, if you can find a set of things that are all the same (a set of balls, blocks, etc.) you can point to each different color, name it a few times, let her look at it, and then ask her to hand you the green block, the red block, etc. and confirm it when she gets the right one ("Yay that IS the red block! Good job!").

Marcy said...

What Anjea said. ; )

BTW Donovan loves looking at the pictures and videos of Mira. Just thought I'd mention that. =P