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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


In preparation for Easter, my mom had bought Mira this book called "Where are Baby's Easter Eggs?". It's a really cute book that has flaps to look under to find the Easter eggs. She gave it to me about a week before Easter and told me that I had to read it to Mira as much as possible so that she'd know what was going on when Easter came around. Such a smart idea, and it totally worked.

Easter morning we spent with my parents and sister. When we got over to my parents' house, Gramma Donna informed Mira that the Easter Bunny had left something for her, and she should go check her toy corner to find it. Here's Mira finding her Easter basket:

After that we had breakfast and then my sister had planned an egg hunt for Mira and some of the other neighborhood kids. Which was really very sweet of her. We got outside and at first Mira was just happy to be outside playing. Then I pointed out an egg to her and something clicked in her little brain and she really got it. She'd look around for an Easter egg with her hands held out in a questioning pose like "where could it be?" and then she'd spot one and point at it. She'd go get it and bring it to whoever was following her with her basket and put it into the basket. Then she'd hold her hands out again like "where's the next one?" Adorable.

After that was naptime, so we went home for a nap. After Mira woke up, we went over to see Brian's dad and step-mom. We had dinner with them and then another egg hunt in their backyard. By then, though, I think Mira was getting tired because she didn't seem as into that egg hunt. Of course, it could just have been that she was distracted by the swing in their backyard because she kept going over to it, wanting to get on and swing.

Anyway, a good Easter all around. Mira had a blast, and that's what matters.


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Marcy said...

Too adorable! She looks so cute and grown up in her dress and walking around on her own two feet. =)