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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Playing with the hose

Yesterday we were all hanging out in the backyard after dinner. At some point, Brian turned on the hose, I think to refill the dogs' water dish, and hilarity ensued. (By the way, you'll want to watch these with the sound on.)

I love how she's smiling SO MUCH that her little face can hardly take it and gets so screwed up into this giant grin. And I love that she's SO EXCITED about what's going on that clearly the gigantic smile can't possibly express the awesomeness of the situation and so she simply must squeal with glee. And I love how she can't seem to tolerate the extreme jubilation for more than a few seconds before she simply must retreat to the other side of the porch to catch her breath and steel her resolve for another go. And then when the water is turned off, I love how she so clearly expresses "No, it can't be over yet!" with merely a "dat dat dat!"


Anjea said...

Boo, it won't let me watch. It says it is a private video and to make sure I have received a friend request?


Laura said...

Try again. I'm trying to use YouTube for my videos now, since I can upload longer videos with higher definition. Since I'm just figuring out how to do it, my settings may not have been correct.

Marcy said...

That is too stinkin' cute! I love the way she walks... and how carefully she sits herself down in the second video. =P