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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mira slides!

Ever since Mira learned to walk, she's been enjoying the slides at the multiple different parks that we frequent. So she's gotten better and better at navigating the slides, progressively trying bigger and harder slides. At some point along the way she decided that the best slide position was going down the slide feet first, but on her stomach. And I have to say that I'm so glad she settled upon that particular arrangement because it is probably the safest way for her to go down, so that allows me to let her try bigger and bigger slides, knowing that once she gets the hang of a particular slide, I can take a much more hands-off approach and she won't hurt herself too badly. I still do an "introductory" run when we try a new slide for the first time, where I go up with her, helping her get situated at the top of the slide, making sure she won't go flying out the bottom of the slide, etc. But then after we are acquainted with the slide, she just takes off, and I just watch from the ground.

As you can see, now that she has learned the thrill of the big slides, the little baby slides don't cut it anymore.

I feel like the biggest potential for her getting hurt at the playground now is the bigger kids. If it were just her alone on the playground, I don't think I'd worry at all. She's such a cautious and deliberate girl, I find it easy to let her try whatever she's comfortable with. But a lot of other children are not that way. When we go to meet a playgroup at the park, the other babies we meet up with are all right about her age and size, so I'm not concerned at all about them hurting her. But the bigger, older kids... well, those I worry about. I'm afraid they'll inadvertently step on her fingers or unsteady her to the point of pushing her off of a platform. I know none of the kids would do it on purpose, but the playground is a place of unrestrained exuberance for kids, and sometimes that means not looking out for littler kids. Admittedly (and happily), for the most part, the older kids we've come across at the park have surprised me with their attentiveness and even sweetness with Mira. They will often patiently wait for her to finish traversing a bridge before running through, or they'll go around her gingerly, or they'll give her things to play with. It's quite heartwarming, and I will usually thank them for being mindful of Mira. Every now and then, there's a kid who's a little too rough around Mira, but luckily, up to this point, they have always been followed quickly behind with a parent saying, "Be careful of the baby." I always thank those parents. ;-) I'm sure it helps that we normally go to the playground in the morning, so the playground is less busy or at least populated by kids who are under school age.


Marcy said...

We tend to go to the playground when there aren't many other kids there, or not ones that are much older, anyway. A few times we've gone and there have been bigger kids running around, and YES it gets much scarier very quickly! If he's by himself I trust him to navigate the play structures well & safely, but with bigger kids running around it's a totally different story. Interestingly, I haven't noticed the same level of cautiousness towards him that you mention, I wonder if it's a regional thing or just b/c he's a boy and Mira is a girl, and even young kids react to that already...

Cody Casterline said...

Wow, wasn't it just a few months ago that she took her first steps? Now look at her go!

She seems so calm when she gets to the bottom of the slide. I was expecting to see a bit face-squinchy Mira-smile when she got to the bottom. But she just looked up like "Here I am." :)