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Monday, June 29, 2009

Eating update

Mira's now had avocado, banana, and baby oatmeal. She really likes eating. She'll open her mouth to signal that she wants another bite, and sometimes it feels like you can't fill her mouth fast enough because she wants more more more. She's swallowing much more than she's spitting back out and she very very rarely chokes or coughs. She seems to enjoy new flavors and textures, and I know that she likes eating with us while we're eating. She's also getting quite proficient at her sippy cup. At least once a day, I'll prepare a little meal for her when I'm making a meal for me. And I've gotten pretty good at feeding her in her highchair and also feeding myself at the same time.

I'm being really careful about what food she's given. When picking out her oatmeal, I made sure to find a brand that had absolutely no ingredients other than organic oat flour. (We mix this with a little breastmilk. She's also had it with some banana, which she totally loved.) One of the next foods that I want to try is apple, but I'm going to make my own applesauce rather than buy it because that way I know for sure that the only thing in it is apple. (You know how food companies love to put sweeteners or preservatives or artifical flavors or colors or who knows what into applesauce...) Same thing with pears, which is another food that she can have this early. And maybe I'm being a bit paranoid about it, but it makes me feel better knowing that everything I'm giving her is natural and pure.


Marcy said...

I've had a pretty easy time finding unsweetened applesauce, where the only ingredients listed are apples and maybe some ascorbic acid. But it's still probably cheaper to make your own, especially if you want to go with the good natural/organic ingredients. I tried making D's food myself, but he was much more hit-or-miss at the beginning with solids, and I got tired of spending the time making him food only to have him refuse most of it. I have a few friends who still make all their own baby purees, and I'm kind of in awe of them. Then again I think it helps if you're a person who enjoy cooking in general, which I'm not. ; )

Laura said...

Marcy: They only have to report an ingredient if it's over a certain quantity. So anything under that limit, you just don't know. Again, maybe I'm being paranoid about it, but I figure that it can't hurt to be cautious. Probably at some point I will decide that it's more trouble than it's worth and that I can't protect her from everything, but I guess I'm just hoping to hold out till her immune system is a little more advanced and her brain and body are a little more developed.