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Monday, June 22, 2009

Eating, Part 2

So when Brian opened the avacado on Father's Day morning, he knew exactly what it was for and said, "I get to feed the baby??? Yay!"

So I mashed a slice of the avacado up with a fork and Brian stuck her in the highchair and put her bib on. At first Brian was so excited to feed her that he wouldn't even wait for me to come over to manage the camera for him. So this first video he's trying to feed her and hold the camera at the same time, which is why the view keeps drifting.

After that I took the video while he fed her.

If you watch for it, you'll see that she was doing this little shudder thing when she'd swallow. It was really funny.

She took to it really well. She swallowed a lot more than I thought she would. By the end, she was opening her mouth to signal that she wanted another bite.

So I think we'll try avacado a few more times this week, and maybe next week we'll try introducing another food. I'm thinking banana.

1 comment:

Marcy said...

I'm impressed that it went so well! That's great that she loves avocado, it's such good food for babies (one of the few foods out there that in any way compares to the fat/calorie content in milk/formula).