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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Eating, Part 1

Mira's been showing lots of signs of being ready to try some solid foods. For a couple of weeks now, she's been reaching for our food and doing this thing where she immitates our chewing. See below.

Brian started practically begging to let her try some foods, and I would play the "bad cop" and say, "No food for my baby! Mommie's milk is all that she needs for now." And Brian would respond by saying that we should just start letting her taste a few things so she can get used to them. And I would argue back that he wasn't going to be the one having to clean those diapers. Not to mention the mess that she would make on herself, her highchair and the floor.

Over the last week, we had this exact conversation several times. And I started giving it some thought. She really was showing all the signs of being ready to eat. And with her being difficult about bottles, it might be best for her to get an early transition to solids so that we wouldn't have to deal with bottles anymore. And she's been developmentally early on so many other things...

All of this was running through my head. So I decided that I would give the gift of feeding to Brian for Father's Day. I told him that I wanted to go ahead and get her highchair so that she could start getting used to it. He gave me the money and I found one I liked and brought it home. He and I assembled it while Mira watched. The next couple of days she sat in her highchair while we ate and I let her try drinking water a lot more. She's now mastered drinking from the bottom end of a straw (where you put the straw in water, hold your finger over the end to keep some water in the straw, then move the straw into her mouth and release your finger to let the water fall into her mouth). And she'll drink pretty easily from a topless cup when it's held for her. And of course, she uses her sippy cup though she still needs help getting her hands on both handles and unless she's reclined she needs help getting the cup tipped back far enough.

So then Father's Day morning, I wrapped an avacado in gift wrap and put it with the rest of Brian's gifts.

Stay tuned to find out what happened... (I'll post the rest of the story tomorrow.)

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