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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mira's Show Week at Little Gym

Most of you know that Mira has been taking dance classes at Little Gym ever since she turned 3 years old.  Well at the end of spring, they do a "Show Week", which is kind of like a very informal recital where the kids get to show off to their parents.

I was so proud of Mira.  Considering that she is one of the youngest in the class (the class is for ages 3-5), she is doing incredibly well.  She pays attention to the teacher, she does the moves to the best of her ability, she follows directions, and she applies herself completely to the task rather than getting distracted.  I think she looks beautiful doing her dances.

Here's the ballet performance:

And the tap performance:

Another thing I really like about this class is that they get to split their time between dance and gymnastics, so Mira gets to experience both.

Here is her bar demonstration:

And on the beam:

Then they did a little "graduation" ceremony and handed out medals.

"Ta da!"

The whole class, with the two teachers.
Mira loves doing this and I can't imagine making her stop.  We've let her try some other sports and physical activities, but this is by far her favorite.  So we've signed her up for the next two sessions.  I can't wait to see how much progress she makes by the next Show Week.

1 comment:

Pearl said...

i almost died from cuteness overdose. very very adorable.