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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Party with the fam

In addition to Mira's "Big Girl" party, we also had a birthday brunch with family and adult friends to celebrate both Mira and Ellowyn's birthdays.  I think birthday brunch is becoming a tradition; we've done it every year since Mira was born.

E unwrapping presents

M working a new puzzle with Gramma Laurie and Aunt KK

E loves books, so this gift was right up her alley.

I stuck a bow on E's tummy and she puffed her chest out and smiled, so proud of her decoration.

Aunt Lindsey showing M how to use her new cook book that we got from our friend Becky.

M always keeps her wrapping paper neat and tidy when unwrapping gifts.

This percussion instrument set from Gramma Laurie and Papa was a huge hit.  Literally.  

E loves the percussion set too.  (Her shirt says "High Maintenance", in case you were wondering.)

M got a dress up set, complete with high heels from my parents and sister.  Here she is trying the heels out.  

Singing the birthday song.  That number one on E's cupcake?  That was the same number one that we used for M's first birthday.  I told Brian that if I continue keeping all the candles, we'll have all the candles we ever need to buy by the time M is 11 years old.  Is this being thrifty or am I obsessively hoarding candles?  I'm not sure.  

Yay for my two beautiful girls!

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