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Monday, January 23, 2012

Mira's "Big Girl" Bowling Party

Imagine 13 adults, 11 toddlers, and 7 babies taking over the bowling alley and you'll have a good mental image of Mira's first "Big Girl" Birthday party.  

Mira had so much fun with all her little friends.  First, there was bowling...   

The bowling alley has gutter bumpers and then also these special ramps.  And we were using the lightweight balls, so the kids could carry the balls themselves.  They would take their ball over to the ramp, set it on top, and push it down the ramp.  The ramp gave the ball enough momentum to get all the way down the lane.  And because the bumpers were up, every ball would knock over pins.  It was great.  (I can't take credit for the idea of a bowling party; the only reason I knew it would be awesome is because we had attended the 2nd birthday of one of Mira's little friends at a bowling alley and Mira had a blast.)  

It was very much controlled chaos.  But because we were doing it on a weekday morning, we had the whole place to ourselves, which was nice because it didn't matter if the kids rolled their balls under the tables and took off running down the lanes.

You can see the edge of the chaos on the left side of this picture.  Notice that every kid is holding a ball...

After the bowling we went into a party room for pizza and cupcakes.

Everything went off without a hitch.  It was great!  

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