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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


And you thought you'd be getting an Easter post.... HA! (Ok, I have an Easter post coming, but it involves uploading some pictures and I'm being lazy.)

No, today's post is something I've been meaning to do for a while. 

Mira's been saying tons of cute things lately and I've been sharing them on Facebook. But I wanted to put them here too because I have some blog followers who are not on Facebook and also because I feel like putting them here is a more permanent record. 

If you follow me on Facebook, this post may be rather boring for you, though you may see some you missed and I added a few that were not posted to Facebook. Also, some are just as funny the second (and third) time you see them. ;-)


"Plaw-berry". That's Mira-speak for "probably".

"Tamp-treen." Mira-speak for "trampoline".

"Ock-paws". Mira-speak for "octopus".

‎"Goose-tight." Mira-speak for "gesundheit."

‎"Umm-blooooah". Mira-speak for "umbrella".

"Hoo-hoo". Mira-speak for "hula hoop".

"Blay-set". Mira-speak for "bracelet".

"Beh-beh-beh-beh pepper." Mira-speak for "red bell pepper".

"Bee-yah". Mira-speak for "banana".

"Teppin tool." Mira-speak for "stepping stool."

The following are some cute/funny little things that Mira has said over the last 2 months or so:

While changing the baby's diaper....
Mira: "pull up baby pants"
Me: "I will but first I have to snap up her onesie"
Mira: (counting as I snap each snap) "onesie... twosie... threesie... yay did it!"

While driving in the car, Mira said, "Run people over, Mommy." I swear. You can't make this stuff up.

Finished reading Mira "Where the Wild Things Are". When we got done, she looked at me and said, "... weird."

While she was crying about having to leave a playdate, Mira said "Eyes watering, mommy... crying... water dripping out, mommy."

Mira: "Play hair. Play hair. Play hair, mommy. Play hair."
Me: "Mira stop talking for a little while, ok?"
8 seconds later (I know, I counted.)
Mira: "Play hair, mommy."

Ellowyn was crying and Mira said, "Don't cry, Baby Ellowyn. Give you hugs, Baby Sister." So sweet.

In the car, Mira started to take her shoes off so I said, "Mira, please leave your shoes on." Mira replied with, "No, Mommy, not say that. Not say that word, Mommy." It was made even cuter by the fact that, as she was expressing her disagreement verbally, she was putting her shoes back on.

Mira named her babies: Baby Pam, Baby Amanda, Baby Nancy, and Baby Gramma. That last one is a bit confounding for me.

After I told Mira about what our plans were for the day she replied with "Okay.... sounds great, Mommy." She sounded just like a little grown up.

Mira: "Baby Ellowyn loves Mira SOOO MUUUUCH!"
Me: "Yes, Ellowyn does love you."
Me: "Yes, so much."

Mira saw some people walking by outside our house and said, "People walking... in Mira's outside."

1 comment:

Marcy said...

Those are awesome, and she is SO SMART! I love the "onesie, twosie, threesie" as it's one of those things that shows incredible understanding of language and how we put words together, etc. Very, very cool. =)