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Monday, September 20, 2010

More on potty training.

Just a quick blurb to say that, 5 days after Mira's first potty success, she has had another.  Ever since she peed in her potty last week, I've been letting Mira sit on her potty several times a day.  Usually we sit on the potty when she first wakes up in the morning, right before and after nap, just before her bath at night, and then any other time that I need to go to the bathroom during the day she comes with me.

When we sit on the potty, I go with her and we do things to keep her sitting on the potty longer.  (Without distraction, she'd just sit on the potty for 2 seconds then jump back up again.)  I will sit her on her potty and then use the big toilet myself.  I wash my hands and run the water a little extra.  I read a book to her while she's sitting there.  That's usually about all she can stand and at the end of the story she'll run off to do something else.  And then I have to chase her down to make her wash her hands and get on a diaper.

It's quite a lot of work.  And after 5 days, I was starting to get discouraged and think that maybe we had done this whole thing too early and I should just let up and forget about it for a couple months.  But I was still keeping the mood light with her: asking her if she wanted to try to pee in the potty before taking her in there, brushing it off if she said that she didn't want to try, thanking her for trying to go in the potty when she did, saying "oh well, maybe next time" if she tried but didn't go, etc.  But in my head, every time we'd go in the bathroom and sit on her potty with no results, doubt crept one inch further into my mind.

The one thing that kept me going is that usually, when she'd sit on the potty, I could *see* her straining to go.  She *wants* to go in the potty.  I think she just forgets to save it for the potty and not go in her diaper.

But then last night, before her bath she peed in her potty for the second time.  So now my resolve is renewed to keep up with letting her try several times a day.

Both times she's successfully gone in the potty, it was just before bath.  I wonder if that means anything.  Maybe it's because she has just eaten dinner (and drank milk)?  Maybe it's because we started sitting on the potty at that time of day 2 weeks ago so she's gotten used to it being in her routine?  Maybe it's because she is thinking about getting into the bath with all that water?

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