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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

She Said Da Da

Today, just after Noon I got a call from my wife's phone.  

"Oops baby dial" my wife says.  Obviously fumbling the phone a bit.

"No problem".  It's my standard reply.  

(overheard) "Mira, you wanna talk to your daddy?"

"Hi Mira, How are you - I love you."  I start my mantra and then wait a second.  Usually this is where I hear silence that Laura informs me is filled with big baby grins.

(overheard) "Mira, can you say Daddy?  Can you say Da Da?"  We've been working on Mira using  the few words she's mastered so far, encouraging her to use them.  I wait with baited breath... she usually only mouths the "Da Da" silently.

"Da Da"!!!!!  !!!!!  !!!!!!


"Da Da"

"I love you my precious baby..."

"Da Da"

The utter joy I feel at those two syllables is stunning, thrilling, humbling, exciting and... yeah I can keep going.

My Daughter called me on the phone to say "Da Da!"

Happy days.