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Monday, June 7, 2010

Ok, here's the official announcement...

I'm sure that almost everyone who reads this blog already knows, but WE'RE FINALLY PREGNANT AGAIN! Yes, after 6 long months of trying, baby #2 has found a home in my belly. I'm currently 9 weeks along.

Apparently, my doctor was right all along: breastfeeding was inhibiting my fertility. Mira weaned in April, and that's the same month I conceived. Coincidence? I think not. It is hard to believe that nursing was such an effective birth control for me that even just breastfeeding once a day for months was enough to keep me from getting pregnant. But there you have it.

The timing is not exactly what we would have preferred: I'm due January 9th. Which is very close to the holidays, and also only 10 days before Mira's birthday. But after we tried for so long to get pregnant, hey, I'll take what I can get.

So here's the down side: I've been really morning sick. All the time. (Why do they even call it "morning" sickness?) Much more so than when I was pregnant with Mira. That seems like a cruel trick, that my first pregnancy would be fine when all I have to worry about is taking care of myself, but now that I've got a toddler to chase after, NOW I get the terrible morning sickness. The kind that leaves Mira throwing a tantrum while I'm retching over the toilet. How is that fair? I did have a brief "what was I thinking?" moment: one morning when Mira got up, I took her downstairs and put her in her highchair for breakfast when the nausea overcame me and I had to bolt for the bathroom. Mira was left crying in her chair like "What is going on? Mom didn't even give me any food to eat before she ran off and I'm starving!" And there's me: hurling into the toilet thinking "what did I get myself into?" I'm surprised just how debilitating it's been. There have been days when I was hesitant to leave the house for fear that I'd get caught somewhere needing a place to throw up. And between the nausea and the physical exhaustion, it's really hard to get anything done. My first thought when Mira wakes up from her nap used to be "Yay, now we can go do something fun!" but now it's "I wonder how long I can leave her in her crib before she starts to complain?" I used to pick up Mira's toys at least daily. Now our house is in a constant state of toy chaos strewn in all directions.

Ok but enough of the complaining. We REALLY are so happy to have the opportunity to create another little person. There's so much we're looking forward to. And we're just so thankful that we'll soon be a family of four.... It'll just be a whole lot easier to remember that right after all this first trimester business is over. ;-P

1 comment:

Marcy said...

CONGRATULATIONS! So glad to hear it. You're due just a month after me, too (dec 11 here). Apparently our family insists on clustering all the birthdays around christmas. ; )

Good luck with the sickness. The first trimester kicked my butt... I gave myself a green card to just do what I needed to do and let D watch more TV than I normally would allow. It's only temporary, after all, and soon you'll hopefully be feeling much better.