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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's a fish! .... Oh, wait, it's just Mira.

Last summer, when she was only about 5-7 months old, Mira spent a lot of time at the pool. This summer has been no different. We've been going to the pool usually at least weekly since April. The first time that we got in the pool this season, she was a bit unsure, clinging desperately to my swimsuit strap the entire time. But the second trip she really enjoyed, and by the third trip it was clear that everything she had been doing last summer came right back to her. And then some. She loves the water and actually is showing some impressive skill already in the swimming department. If you hold her on her stomach, face down in the water, she'll kick her feet and blow bubbles. And her kicks are STRONG; they really propel her forward. If she can touch the bottom, she's completely comfortable walking through the water, getting as deep as her chin. We're still working on floating on the back because every time I put her laying back in the water, her feet pop straight up out of the water. But she's fascinated by watching other people float on their back and she expresses the desire to try to do it herself. When we dunk her head completely underwater, she goes easily with no complaint and usually no coughing or sputtering... though she does usually stick her tongue out and blow raspberries shortly after coming up. I think that's her way of saying that she doesn't like the way the pool water tastes. And now recently she has really taken a liking to "jumping" into the pool. Basically, we sit her on the edge of the pool and let her propel herself off the edge and into the pool from a sitting position. At first when we were doing it, we were catching her before her face went under, but eventually we started letting her go all the way under before catching her. She still loves it, as you can see from the video below (sorry about the quality, I took the video with my camera instead of my Flip). I've debated about putting her into swim lessons, but at this point I think she'd be way too advanced for the classes taught to her age. I guess we'll just have to continue making the most of having an ex-swim-instructor for a daddy. ;-D

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