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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mira loves her sandbox

A couple months ago, my mom got Mira this great sandbox. Mira loves to play in it. She would do it every day if it were up to her. It usually buys me at least 30 minutes of easy, hands-off, sit-back-and-relax type supervision. I've been using that time to read some books on natural childbirth. It's great. Also, we have it situated in a part of the backyard that gets shade all day, so we can go out there any time of day.

Just before I took these next pictures, Mira had put a few shovels full of sand into the bucket, then she held the bucket up to her face like she was going to drink out of it, and of course ended up with a mouth full of sand. She thought it was shocking. I thought it was kind of funny. She was trying to spit it out, so she kept sticking out her tongue and blowing raspberries. It was pretty funny. Eventually I stopped making fun of her long enough to get her a cup of water to wash out her mouth. The experience didn't seem to dissuade her from enjoying the rest of her time in the sandbox, though. Once her mouth was de-sanded, she went right back to filling up the bucket.

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