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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Yet another weekend at the Drakes

I was productive this weekend

Saturday was Little Gym with Ellowyn where she climbed and giggled her way into body competence.  Then I spent the afternoon unwinding from the week - A little bit of minecraft - a little bit of chores.  Ended the night with a knife-fighting demonstration by Laura and David; a few too many drinks, and an early bedtime.

Got a great start on Sunday when Laura and I headed to the gym to punch and kick our way to fitness; she stepped us through a version of the stuff her MMA Guro has been making her do.  Kettle bell squats, roundhouses and crosses.  I'm sore!

Spent the afternoon cleaning out the garage.  We have a pile for donations; a PILE of baby gear Laura is going to try and sell (MAD discounts for friends & Fam!!); and I arranged the piles of shit that are just gonna live in there until I sell the place and get up the gumption to actually throw everything away.

Finished the evening with a from-scratch dinner: cracker-crumb breaded chicken, sauteed broccoli, and a bowl of buttered peas!  Now the kids are either in bed or going to be quickly, I have a liquor flavored beverage in hand and the laundry is almost done.

Yet another weekend at the Drakes.

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