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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mira started her new Dance Class


Brian Drake said...

What is it with me and Dark rooms. I'm gonna have to get a better camera if I'm stuck using these iso settings.

Marcy said...

Boo, photos are broken links for me... =(

Marcy said...

Ok, now they show up. Yay. These are precious! I love the second one the best.

As for shooting under low light conditions, a couple options are to try to get a faster lens (with a wider aperture, I think Lindsey has a 50mm 1.8 you could ask to borrow if you haven't already?) that'll let you shoot at a lower ISO. Also, there's software you can use to lessen the noise (Lightroom 4 has a pretty good noise reduction tool).

Lindsey Drake said...

Get a flash, goof!

Brian Drake said...

I *just DID* get a flash! Some of the ones with less noise are a result of me deciding that the people in the room could just deal with it.

As for lightroom... so very very tempted. I've even already installed it but I wanted to get through my backlog before I switched. I have now done so so perhaps the meta data will say some new things soon.

Marcy said...

Go for it. The cost is even cheaper now than it used to be, and if you're taking this many photos you'll want good software to keep everything organized long-term.