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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Weigh in - 12 months

Well I missed my weigh in last month... oops.  But at the time there really wasn't much to report.  I was continuing to work out 5-6 times a week: Strike class at the gym 3x per week, MMA training 2x per week, maybe a run once a week.  But I was still stuck on that plateau that I'd been on for 4 months.  

I was sick of working my ass off for no results on the scale, so I went to see a personal trainer.  He told me some things that he thought might be keeping me from reaching my goal: biological reasons such as my low estrogen and suspected insulin resistance.  But the thing that he said to me that really helped me out was this, "The problem is obviously not that you're not burning enough calories.  So the problem has to be in your diet."  He told me to really focus on eating low-carb and high-protein diet.  

He also measured my percent body fat, and here I have some wonderful news... I was just hoping it would be down by at least 5% from when I started a year ago.  Ladies and gentlemen, in the year that I have been trying to lose weight I have reduced my percent body fat by SIXTEEN PERCENT! That. Is. A. Lot.  I am so incredibly thrilled with that.  

Anyway, in the month since I saw the personal trainer, I have continued to work out 5-6 times a week, but I am also eating low-carb and high-protein, as recommended.  And people.... it is working.  Not just a little bit.  It is working a lot.  

In the last month I have lost 7 pounds.  That is the biggest loss I have seen in one month since I started.  I am so incredibly happy with how fast the weight is coming off right now.  I just really really really hope that this will keep up and I wont hit another plateau.

This morning a cold front blew in so I got out all my old pants from before the girls were born and I tried them all on.  I came up with a very small stack of pants that were only a touch too small, a very large stack of pants that fit perfectly, and another very large stack of pants that were too big.  Trying on pre-childbearing pants that are 4 years old and having them come up TOO BIG?  That is the best feeling in the world.  

I lost 7 pounds this month. Since I started 12 months ago, I've lost 25 pounds, putting me just 5 pounds away from my goal of losing 30 pounds.


Lindsey Drake said...

That's so awesome!! The weight loss is great but the body fat % change is even better. You are getting stronger and you're changing what's on your bones in a big way.
Seeing that trainer came at a great time, sounds like. You did so well on your own and then the trainer took you to the next level.
You are such a beautiful woman in so many ways. I'm glad you picked out my goofy brother :)

Anjea said...

Wow! I second what Lindsey said. That body fat % decrease is amazing and you've worked your butt off - literally! - for it. Way to go!