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Friday, February 10, 2012

Mira started preschool!

Last week, Mira started preschool!  She goes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 9am to 1:30pm.  Before she started, we had taken her to see her school and meet her teacher a couple of times, telling her that some day soon, after she turned 3, she would go to preschool there.  The week leading up to her first day, she would ask every morning, first thing when she woke up, "Is it school today?!!?!?!"  And I would say, "Not today, 3 days left." Then "two days left." Then "one day left."  When she woke up on her first day and she asked again and I said, "Yes, today you are going to school," she jumped around in a circle, screaming "YAY!" at the top of her lungs.

When we arrived at her school, I opened the door to get her out of the car, and she said, "YAY, school! I'm so exciting!"


She's still exciting.  

She picked out her backpack herself. In case you hadn't noticed, she has a thing for owls.

I could not be happier with the preschool we've chosen.  It's called Spicewood Country School.  They own 9 acres of wooded land with a creek running through.  They have all kinds of animals: horses, donkeys, peacocks, rabbits, goats, etc.  So in addition to crafts, music, and brief lessons on letters and numbers, the kids also get loads of outdoor time to interact with the animals and explore nature on little hikes.

And Mira has been so happy there.  The first day at drop off, I was anticipating a few tears, but I was pleasantly surprised.  I dropped her off and her teacher immediately took her over to the craft table and got her involved in what the other kids were working on.  I said, "Ok Mira, I'm leaving.  I'll pick you up after lunch."  No response.  Her teacher said, "Do you want to say goodbye to your mommy?"  And Mira turned around for half a second, gave the briefest of waves and said, "Bye Mommy" barely looking over her shoulder at me.  I was so proud of her!

At pickup on the first day, I went in to get her (her teacher said she did GREAT) and as we were walking out, we walked past the full-day students preparing for their nap.  Mira told me, "I need a nap Mommy." I was not tuned in and I responded with, "Yep, we are going home right now to get a nice nap."  But Mira looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, "No I need a nap NOW."  And finally my brain caught up and I realized that she was trying to tell me that she wanted to stay at her school longer; she loved it so much that she wasn't ready to go home yet!  I had to reassure her that she would come back another day.

She has shown nothing but enthusiasm for this school.  She is positively in love.

After her first day at preschool, she was a complete mess at home: whining, refusing to nap, "NO!" to everything, hitting, tantrums... you name it.  Luckily, I had been warned to expect this from other moms in my same position.  And it was really just the first day that she was a mess.  By her third day, she seemed to have adjusted well to the new routine and napped fine and behaved... let's just say as well as any other day.  ;-P

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Mommy Parr said...

That is awesome. It looks like such a fun preschool and the pics of her excited are so cute! They grow up too fast.