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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ellowyn is weaned! :-(((

Well I guess I have to officially call it.  Ellowyn has completely weaned herself at 13 months.  It all goes back to when she was so sick for so long over the Christmas holidays.  She went on a two week long nursing strike and then after that we just never got back to normal.  She went back to nursing again, but it was never like before and she has been gradually weaning herself ever since.  Now if I try to nurse her, she will refuse to latch about 90% of the time and on the few occasions that she does latch it is only for a few seconds.  So... that's it, I guess.  She's done so I have to be done, too.

I'm pretty bummed about this.  I really wanted to nurse her longer, (1) because of the health benefits of breast milk but also (2) because she is my last and I love the breastfeeding relationship and I don't want to already be at that point where I will never be able to experience it ever again.  So I guess I'm grieving just a little bit.

But on the bright side, I can finally go out and buy some bras that fit!  (They don't manufacture nursing bras in my size.  Literally.  I guess they think that women who are my size around couldn't possibly need a cup size that large.  I had to buy bras that were too big and then alter them myself.  That is one problem I won't miss.)  So at least there's that.


Anjea said...

Aw!! :( I know that it's a difficult transition, especially since she's your last, but be proud of the 13 months you had! That's *so* much more than most women in the U.S. do, so go you!

Kiarda is on her way to weaning, too. She's already given up the before-bed nursing, and while she still nurses in the morning, she rarely lets herself drift back off to sleep (which is good and bad - good in that I don't have to wake her up on work days but bad that she now gets up earlier on the weekends!). I've got mixed emotions about it all, as I'm a little sad that we might not make it to two years old, but I'm glad that she's secure enough that she WANTS to wean and I'll be glad to "get my body back" again. :)

laurie said...

You did wonderfully, breastfeeding her into her second year! It IS sad when they're done. I still get nostalgic when I see women breast feeding; you will always hold this time in your heart - it's not like having missed out on something you didn't choose or get to do. YOU DID IT! :)

shellebelle said...

I was not able to breastfeed for long at all. I could not produce very much milk. After a while I could not produce at all. It broke my heart, because Autumn most likely will be my one and only, but I am grateful for the short time we did have.