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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mira is the Potty Master.

Mira is the Potty Master.

We have not had a single accident since my last post.

So Mira had one intro day followed by two rough days, and then was completely potty trained by day 4.  I am in awe.

We've even had multiple outings: to a friend's house for a playdate, to the doctor's office, to the swimming pool, to the store.  No accidents.

At home, Mira is still mostly going bare-bottomed, but it's really just for convenience because she has been doing great wearing underwear and shorts/skirts.  She has a few pairs of shorts/skirts that she can get down by herself so we've been wearing those whenever she needs to be dressed.

As of yesterday, she was still having a lot of "false alarms" where she'd try to go but nothing would happen.  But today, the only false alarms happened while we were out of the house.  At that point I wonder how much of that was really that she thought she had to go or whether she just wanted to check out the foreign bathroom.

We're still working on using a big toilet as opposed to her little floor potty.  When we go out, the big toilets are her only option (unless we happen to be at a friend's house who has a toddler potty).  As of yet, she has not been comfortable enough on them to use them.  I've ordered a portable potty seat that will sit on the big toilet and adapt the opening to her size, but that also FOLDS UP so you can put it in your diaper bag.  (21st century mommies have the coolest gadgets!)  We'll see how she likes it once it gets delivered.

I also ordered one of those toilet seats that you put on your toilet in place of the existing seat, and it has two seat sizes built in, one little toddler sized one and one big one for adults and you just flip one seat up to use the other.  The idea is that we'll install that on one of our toilets at home and then hopefully Mira will be able to use that at home instead of the floor potty.  Cleaning the floor potty after every use is getting rather old.

The hardest part has been when Mira needs to go potty while I'm nursing Ellowyn.  Mira can do all of it herself, except wiping.  So she still needs me to come in when she's done and clean her up (and also clean her potty).  If that happens while I'm nursing Ellowyn, then I have to interrupt Ellowyn's feeding to go take care of Mira and let me tell you: Ellowyn DOES NOT like her feedings to be interrupted.  We basically listen to her scream until I can get back to nursing her.  So that's why, as much as possible, I'm trying to get Mira to be able to use the potty independently.  That's our next goal: being able to go without Mommy's help.

Mira's still in a diaper whenever she sleeps.  I figure we'll wait to bed train until she is waking up with a dry diaper at least part of the time.  Right now she always wakes up wet.  But when she's awake she has complete control.  She can even hold it, if required.  Which reminds me... the other day I was nursing Ellowyn while Mira was eating lunch and Mira told me she needed to pee.  I said, "I'm nursing Ellowyn right now.  Can you hold it?" And she responded, "Holding this spoon, Mommy."  (She had a spoon in her hand.)  Lol.

Anyway... great stuff.  Mira is awesome.  The end.