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Monday, June 20, 2011


If you're wondering why I'm posting Easter pics about 6 weeks late, you can get caught up here.

For Easter, my family was out of town, but we still had a great time.  We had two Easter Egg Hunts: one with some of Mira's playgroup friends, and another with Brian's family.

Here's Mira on Easter morning, just after opening her Easter basket.  Rather than buy one of those pre-packaged baskets, I had hand-picked what to put in her basket, so she had a magnifying glass, a necklace and bracelet, a coloring book, a stamp, a flower headband, a flower pot with some seeds to plant... and of course, some candy.

Here are some photos from our egg hunt with our playgroup friends.  It was in our backyard.  It was nice to have a hunt with a bunch of kids who are all the same age.  There were 9 toddlers who participated.  

We also had an egg hunt with Papa and Grandma Laurie (Brian's dad and step-mom) at their house.  Here are a couple pictures from that.

Overall, a fun time.  Last year, Mira didn't fully understand the egg hunt concept, but this year she totally got it.  She was the egg hunt master.  Although opening the eggs without spilling their contents proved somewhat more challenging.

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