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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Shortly after Mira's first birthday, Brian assembled this toy stroller that Mira had received for Christmas from her Gramma Donna. Right away, Mira took to walking behind it, pushing it along.

Unfortunately, she didn't really get the concept of steering. So she'd crash into something and then just stand there behind it, looking at me expectantly. And if I didn't immediately go over and correct the position of the stroller so that she could continue to walk, then she'd get frustrated and start whining. So the stroller lives in the garage where Mira can't see it, and I bring it out for her to play with only when I have the time and patience to follow her around for a half an hour or more. Because if we do it for any less than 30 minutes, she gets really upset when I take it away. That video was taken a month ago, and since then she's gotten quite confident with it. She's still working on the steering part so Brian tied a string to the front of it, so that we can more easily help her steer. On a couple of occasions when the weather was warm enough Brian took it outside and let her walk along the sidewalk with the stroller.

FYI, these pictures were all thanks to our good friend Becky.


Lindsey said...

Oh she's getting so big!

Marcy said...

So cute! She does look so much more grown up. =)

Unfortunately, it seems a lot of those good walker toys are designed to be heavy/sturdy enough to support them before they can fully support themselves...which is great except it also makes them REALLY hard to steer. I remember many a mornings letting D walk his walker across the living room, turning him around, walking back, turning him around, etc etc etc.

The nice thing is that once she's walking by herself and pretty steady at it, you can get a cheap, light push toy (like those kiddie umbrella strollers) and those are much, much easier for them to manage. I think that's why D likes his so much, he can actually maneuver it all by himself.

Anjea said...

That video is too cute! She looks so proud of herself, too. :D My guess is that she'll probably get better with steering when she doesn't have to rely on the stroller to balance her.