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Sunday, August 23, 2009

More teeth.

Yesterday Mira cut through two more teeth. She's had the bottom two for a couple of months now, and as they've grown they've become quite prominent when she smiles. Here are some cute toothy grin photos.

You can see in this last one how she is starting to work on learning to crawl. She's up on her hands and knees. So far, all she does when she gets into position is rock back and forth. But I have a hunch that we'll need to be baby-proofing much more thoroughly very soon.

Anyway, back to the teeth... She cut her upper front two teeth yesterday. Last time when she cut the bottom two, I didn't really notice that it effected her mood any. But this time she was definitely cranky on the day that they came through. She seems to be over it now. Well I attempted to get a mouth shot so that you can see her new choppers. If you can't see them here, try double clicking the photo to see the larger image. You can just barely see them peeking out.

So now today, she is sort of exploring the fact that she now has opposing teeth by grinding them together. Oh lord, that sound is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I hope she stops once the novelty wears off. Because A) that's a bad habbit to start, B) I'm sure it's not good for her teeth, and C) if she keeps it up too much longer I just might have to start wearing earplugs.

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