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Friday, August 21, 2009


So Brian and I have known for a while that we wanted to have another baby very soon after Mira. We want our children to be close in age. The idea is that when they are older (grown up) they will be close and can share experiences. Brian and his sister, Lindsey, are only 2 years apart. While they didn't get along too well in childhood, now that they are adults they are very close. I love my sister dearly, but she and I are 12 years apart. Unfortunately, that means that we will never be at a stage in our lives where we are experiencing the same things. I will always be the older one who blazes the trail, and while it's nice to know that I can be a very positive role model for my sister and help council her through things, I am a little envious of Brian's relationship with his sister. So that's one reason why we want to have our children all back-to-back. The other reason is so that we can make the most of me taking time off of my career. If I have all my kids in this one leave of absence, then I don't have to worry about putting my career on pause again later down the line. Finally, we want to have all the kids out of the house by the time we are 55 so that we can enjoy time alone together again before we are too old to take advantage of it.

So anyway, we've been keeping this in mind and wondering how soon we can start trying again. My body, aka the baby factory, decided that I was ready to concieve again a mere 2 months after Mira was born. (Much to my dismay. I mean couldn't I even get a good 6-months in before my cycles started up again?!?! Yes I did just say that in front of the entire web.) The main thing is that my OB has told me that I shouldn't get pregnant again too soon because there is a significant risk that I will lose my milk. And if that happens while Mira still needs to be nursing, then we'd have to start her on formula, which I'd really rather not do (formula is expensive). But then again, I've met plenty of moms who have nursed through pregnancy. I've even met one who is going to be nursing her nearly-two-year-old and her soon-to-be-born baby simultaneously (a practice they call "tandem nursing"... who knew?).

In the end, we think we're going to start trying for baby #2 around November. Mira will be around 10 months then, and could probably get by on solids if needed. Also, by the time the next baby is born Mira would be around 20 months, old enough to potentially be potty trained and to be out of her crib. On the down side, that does mean that I'll be big and pregnant and chasing a toddler in the heat of the summer, but with a little AC and plenty of water, I think I can manage.

So that's the plan. We'll see if things go accordingly.


Marcy said...

Women's bodies and cycles are so weird. I knew a woman who never breastfed at all and didn't get her period till one whole YEAR after giving birth. I got mine back by 3 months even though we were still nursing around the clock.

I've always heard that about 1 year is a good time frame to give your body a chance to recover. So your timeline sounds fine, especially since you may not get pregnant again right away (always gotta build in room for that lovely uncertainty factor).

I will say you are brave to try again so soon... I just cannot imagine that yet. I think we've still got another year or 2 before we try for another (i'm not too concerned about the wider age gap, Zach and his brother are 6yrs apart and extremely close).

shellebelle said...

I had Autumn at the middle of August. Being pregnant in the 3rd trimester during Texas Summer was no picnic. It was nice to bring her home when it was warm outside though. I did not have to worry so much about the cold weather until she was a little older.