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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Colorado, part 4

One of the days that we were out there we went to the Denver Museum of Natural Science, which is extremely awesome. If you ever get the chance to go, you should plan on spending the better part of a day because there are so many very cool things to see and do there. They had this new section open on the human body and I really wish we could have seen it, but because it was so new it was very crowded and Mira wouldn't put up with that too well. And we didn't get to spend as long as I'd have liked because we had to cram it in between Mira's naps. But we did get to see their space section (Brian's main interest) and their prehistoric section (my main interest). Mira was not quite old enough to really get into it, but she did ok just sitting in her stroller and watching all the exhibits go by.

The plane ride home was much better. For starters, there were several free seats on the plane, so we were able to take Mira's car seat and put it in the seat next to us. That made a big difference. She seemed pretty content to just sit in the car seat and play with her toys for most of the ride. Another big difference was that the flight was in the middle of the afternoon, rather than being so close to her bedtime. The third thing that helped things go more smoothly was that I nursed her on both the take-off and the descent. So overall she was much happier on this flight than the previous one.

A friend of mine bought this toy for Mira. It's this sphere that has blinking lights and vibrates. The thought was that it would be a good distraction for her on the plane. Mira is totally hypnotized by this thing. (Thanks, Becky!)

I took some video on the plane.


Marcy said...

Holy cow, that toy looks amazing! Donovan would be totally mesmerized, too!

I've been dying to take Donovan up to the newly re-opened Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, but it hasn't worked out yet... partially b/c going on a weekend is not an option b/c it's so insanely crowded. I can't wait till D's old enough to get as excited about all that stuff as I do. =P

Rebecca said...

The thing I really loved about that toy was not only did it flash colored light, it vibrated, too!