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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Weigh in - 14 months

This month, I've discovered that I've been overtraining in certain ways.  I was doing an hour of intense cardio nearly every day for the past 5 months.  But now I've started to substitute some of my cardio workouts for something more focused on toning and strengthening or flexibility and balance.  I'm still working out almost every day, I'm just alternating my cardio with other stuff.  And I've found that my body seems to be thanking me for it.  I feel better physically (more energy between workouts) and I don't seem to have sacrificed in the weight loss department.  

At my last weigh in, I was only 2 pounds away from my goal to lose 30 pounds.  Well.... I lost those last two pounds in the following week.  In the month since my last weigh in, I've lost 5 pounds.  Meaning that I blew right past my goal.  And I'm currently 33 pounds lighter than I was when I started this goal.  If you add that to the 7 pounds I lost before I started on this goal, that means I've lost a full FORTY pounds from my heaviest weight.

As Brian puts it, "40 is a number!"

This puts me back to weighing about what I did 5 years ago, before the girls were born.  Only even though I'm the same weight as I used to be, I'm a full dress size smaller than I was back then.  I think that's likely because of the difference in my body composition (5 years ago, I may have been the same weight, but I wasn't nearly this fit; I have way more muscle mass than I ever have before).

And I feel like the weight is still coming off.  I don't think I'm done here.  I'm totally addicted to my MMA training, so there's no way I'm going to stop working out.  And now that I've changed my diet, eating too much unhealthy food actually makes me ill, so I'd say I'm pretty likely to keep eating well too.  And I feel like my body has more to spare.  I could easily stand to lose at least another 10 pounds.

So now I'm starting to think about future goals.  And I have a couple in mind.  If I get down just one more dress size, I will be back to the size I was when I got married.  And that is saying something considering that when I got married, I was 19 years old.  I will basically have my teenage body back.  So.... lose one more dress size, that's on my radar.

Another goal in my mind is that if I do lose just 10 more pounds, then I will have lost 50 pounds total.  40 sounds like a lot to me... 50 sounds like a friggin miracle.  And to think that I'm as close as I am to accomplishing said miracle, it seems a shame not to try.  


Brian Drake said...

GO Laura - Ra Ra Ra!

- Your favorite chearleader

Marcy said...

You've lost a whole Donovan PLUS a few pounds (last I weighed him he was 36lbs)! That is pretty dang amazing.

It is very inspirational to watch you go through this and get so into working out. Major kudos.