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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reflux. Also I Rock.

It's been too long since I've blogged... There's a lot going on.

Since Ellowyn was born, she's been really spitty.  She spits up often and in great quantity.  But at first it didn't seem to be bothering her.  She was a "happy spitter", as our pediatrician put it.  But over time, she seemed to be getting more and more irritated with it.  It started with just being a 30 minute period every evening when she would be fussy.  Then 30 minutes slowly turned into an hour... then longer... then it wasn't just fussing, but screaming... then it started happening in the morning too... finally it was so bad that she'd spend an hour in the morning being fussy and then THREE hours at night fussing or even screaming.  But I had some clues about what was going on.  The big one was that whenever she'd nurse, she'd latch and then shortly after I'd let down, she'd start crying and arching away.  Also, she'd be fussy after eating and both before and after burping.  I could also hear a lot of "wet burps" whenever she'd cry.  All that indicated to me that her problems were related to her reflux.  So we got in to see the pediatrician and he agreed with my assessment: her tummy was producing too much acid, causing her to have painful heartburn during and after eating.  So he prescribed Zantac.  Well... we got Ellowyn on the Zantac and it's like I have my baby back.  For a few days there she was abducted by a screaming monster but now she's back and it's wonderful.  I am so pleased with how well the reflux meds are working.  I was actually gloating to Brian the other night: "I am such an awesome mommy.  Ellowyn was having trouble with reflux and I figured it out and now problem solved.  How cool am I?"  And really, that's the best feeling a mom can have: something is wrong and mommy fixes it and then everyone is happier because of mommy.  

Also, last weekend we gave Ellowyn her first bottle.  (See pics below.)  She took it really well.  Her second bottle (the next day) she only drank half of and then wanted to nurse.  So maybe it will take her some adjusting, but we wanted to wait to introduce a bottle in order to make sure that breastfeeding was really well established.  And it is.  So that's good.

And I can't believe how beautiful Mira is getting....  Isn't she gorgeous?


Anjea said...

I figured as much by your description of her symptoms. You got lucky that the first med is working so well for her! Keep an eye out, though, in case the dose needs to be adjusted as she gets bigger - she may need more before she's eventually able to wean off of it. I'm glad for everyone's sake that it's working! Reflux is no fun for baby or parents.

carolg said...

She certainly is a georgous lil' girl.