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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pregnancy update - 37 weeks

Well, the pre-labor is going on and off and on.  Nothing as intense as that first night, where the contractions were coming on at least every 10 minutes for over 12 hours, but still having contractions pretty frequently, though they're also not as painful intense.  They'll start up, usually when I'm walking around, go every 8 minutes or so for maybe an hour, and then quit again.  I saw my midwife again on Tuesday (I'm going weekly now), and after a pelvic exam, she told me that I was still dilated to 1cm, as I was last week before all the pre-labor.  But now my cervix has moved around from a posterior position (where the cervix exists normally in most non-laboring women) to a more front-and-center position, the position needed for labor.  Also, Ellowyn's head is down low, at a -2 station now.  So all those contractions are moving things around, getting things lined up, softening the cervix, and bringing the baby into position.  So really, this could happen any day.  And now that I'm "full-term" at 37 weeks, I'd be comfortable delivering any time.  So now for the waiting...

1 comment:

Anjea said...

Maybe you'll get a New Year's baby!