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Monday, December 20, 2010

Mira counts

About a month ago, Mira began to obsess... with counting.  But she would only count to two.  She would count everything... balls, toys, people, shoes, bubbles, cars... everything... in twos.  "One, two," she would point and say.  And if there were more than two of whatever she was counting, then she would just keep on pointing and repeat, "One, two, one, two, one, two..." until she had counted them all.

Well one day maybe about a week ago, she was counting something and... she just kept going.  She counted right up to 10.  Now she can count all the way up to 12, though she sometimes skips 9 or gets hung up and needs reminding of what comes next.

And it's not like it's just a series of things to say.  Like three is just what you say after you say two.  No.  For her, there is meaning to counting.  She knows that the numbers are an answer to the question "how many".  What a smart little gal!  

So here are some videos of her counting.  I love the way she says "seven", especially.  Also, "six" sounds rather vulgar, which I find pretty amusing.  

In this one, she's counting while she spins.

In this one, she is counting her "guys" (that's what she calls her stuffed animals).  She keeps coming back to the camera because she has learned that she can watch the videos of herself right after I record them, so she's a little anxious to see the recording.

And as you might expect with a toddler, not all videos go according to plan.  In this one, I was trying to get her to count to 10 for the camera, but she was more interested in goofing off.  I call this one the blooper scene.

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