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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Language Developments

Over the last month or so, Mira has had a language explosion.  To try to list every word that she says would now be impossible.  Which is totally great.  I love that she can actually tell me about things instead of the other way around.  When she gets upset about something, I can tell her to stop crying and use her words and she can.

One day, we were at the petting farm and she pointed up and said "moon".  I thought she was saying "moo", so I was like "Cows say moo, but there aren't any cows here.  Just goats.  Goats say baaa."  But she was adamant.  "Moon moon moon."  Silly me, I kept trying to tell her there was no cow.  Finally, after we had gone back and forth for a while, I looked up to where she was pointing and saw the moon, clear as could be, out in the middle of the day.  "The moon!  Of course!  I'm sorry it took me so long to figure out what you were telling me.  You are right!"  She looked very satisfied.  It's so cool that she never doubted herself.  She knew exactly what she was talking about, even if mom was pulling a "hurrr derp derp".

Mostly Mira's words are one syllable.  Stuff like dog, cat, car, up, down, out, go, hole, bird, eat, read, and much much more.  In addition to that she has a few two syllable words: mama and dada (of course), but also mommy and daddy (which she will use interchangeably with mama and dada), baby and apple and happy and bubble (all of which she says sooo clearly), I'm sure there are a few others, I'm just not thinking of them right now.

There are a few words that Mira says that only mom can translate.  She says "buh" when she means "poop".  Luckily she also uses the sign for "poop" when she says this one or else I might never have figured it out.  I've tried getting her to say it more clearly: "Mira, say ppp ppp ppp poop."  She responds with "ppp ppp ppp BUH".  Lol.  Also, she can count to "na".  When counting she'll say "one... two... na!" When I say, "Mira, say three" she responds with "na!"  I guess that "thr" sound is a hard one.  Also, she says "nook" instead of "milk", but again, she also makes the sign for milk while she says that one.

She is also starting to say people's names.  For quite some time she has been able to say "key-key" for my sister Katelyn, whose nick name has been kay-kay since she was a baby.  That was the first name she was using.  But just recently, she has started saying "co-ee" for our friend Cody and "day-ih" for our friend David.  She also makes attempts at Becky, coming out like "bah-bee", and Jeff, which sounds like "hefff" all whispery (two of our other friends that we see regularly).

She also seems to have gotten past the phase where she didn't want to attempt new words vocally.  If you tell her to say something, she will almost always try it if the word is two syllables or less.  Unless she's feeling pressured to perform; sometimes she gets shy in front of a crowd.  But she's so darn cute when she talks, how can I not try to show her off???

1 comment:

Katelyn Kinney said...

Haha I feel kindof special that I was first. :) and she is by far the cutest baby in the whole world. And I'm not biased one bit.