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Monday, August 30, 2010

Pregnancy update - 20 weeks

The results are in... We just got our 20 week ultrasound and...


That's right, we're going to have another baby girl.  Which is great because now I don't have to buy more clothes.  ;-)  So now that we know the gender, I'm starting to think about what I'm going to do for the new nursery and thinking more seriously about names and so on.  Everything seems more real when baby has a gender.

Mira watched while the ultrasound was being performed, and I tried to explain to her that we were seeing pictures of the baby on the screen.  But I don't think she got it.  She was more interested in getting her fingers into the goo on my belly than looking at the images on the screen.  Oh well.

This month I gained weight for the first time during this pregnancy.  That's right, I gained... wait for it... a whopping 1 pound.  That's right, a whole 16 ounces.  This brings my total pregnancy weight gain to negative 6 pounds, so far.  I'm really happy with that number.  By this time in my pregnancy with Mira I had already gained at least 10 pounds.  I'm sure it helps that I'm much more active during this pregnancy, what with chasing a toddler and semi-regular workouts.  I'm also being careful-ish about what I eat.

I'm still feeling pretty tired all the time.  And I have to pee about every 2 hours.  But other than that I'm feeling good.  So let's hope for another relatively easy pregnancy, like I had with Mira.

My belly's continuing to grow, despite my lack of weight gain, which is great.  I now fall much more firmly into the "looks pregnant" category rather than the "looks like she has a beer belly" category.  And my mom took me shopping for some more casual maternity clothes, so I can't wait to start showing off my baby bump in my new threads.  (Thanks, Mom!)

I've also been feeling the baby move a lot this month.  I started noticing it at around 15 weeks.  With Mira, I noticed movement for the first time at around 17 weeks, so a little earlier this time, as would be expected with a second pregnancy.  Brian's also been able to feel her move for the last week or so, which is cool for him.


Mommy Parr said...

I am so excited for you! I think girls are the best. I can't wait to see her. I am sure she will be just as beautiful as Mira. Great to see you yesterday.....I am so flattered y'all drove all the way from Austin. Glad to hear you got some new clothes too!


Anjea said...


Marcy said...

Yay! Congrats! It is nice to know you can use al the same stuff again, isn't it? ; )

Marcy said...

PS-- random aside, the other day Donovan came up to me and said, "I wanna watch videos of Mira." So we pulled up the blog and watched videos from Sea World and the beach. He loved it. =)