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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


A few weeks ago (yes, I'm behind on my blogging), Mira and I went to the beach (Port Aransas) with my parents and my sister.  (Brian couldn't come; he had to work.  Boo.  But thanks to my parents for paying for the room so that Mira and I could afford to come!)  I would say that the trip was overall a success: we had a lot of fun and Mira seemed to really enjoy herself.  She was very interested in the ocean and the sand and all the beach animals.  The only negative things I have to say about it was: a) we have definitely confirmed that Mira got her carsickness from her mother (yuk); b) it's still pretty difficult to get Mira to sleep in an unfamiliar place, especially if I'm sharing a room with her.  On the bright side, our hotel was on the beach, so it was really awesome having someplace neat to go just a short walk away.  We were at the beach as often as possible, basically only coming back to the room when Mira needed to sleep.  Which was tiring, both for me (being pregnant) and for her (because sand + water + cool things to learn about = yawn).  I think she woke up from her naps still tired.  By the 4th and last day, she was completely worn out from all the constant stimulation, so I think our trip was the perfect length.

Here she is on the beach.

In this one, she's in the waves.  This was pretty much her reaction to every wave: even the smallest of waves would knock her down and then she'd run away only to come back for the next one.

In this one, she's found a particularly intriguing sea shell.

The thing she most enjoyed on the beach were these little bivalves (I think they are some kind of clam, or maybe a mussel... not sure).  When a particularly large wave would come up, it would expose tons of these on the shore.  As soon as the wave retreated, they would all dig themselves back into the sand.  Mira was fascinated by watching them dig.  If they didn't dig fast enough, she would "help" them by pushing them down into the sand herself.  Then when they were all buried again, she'd sign "more".  We eventually started farming them for her to play with.

All dolled up for the beach!

Looking for clams

"Where'd they all go?"



Marcy said...

Zach's horrified anytime I mention this, but I really would love to take D to a Texas beach sometime... CA beaches are cold, waves are rough, and the water's too cold to even think about dipping more than a toe into (Tahoe was at least better since it's a lake, but still). It'd be nice to take him to a beach where he can play in the waves and I don't have to worry about him getting hypothermia, or sucked out to sea...

As for Mira's car sickness I wonder if B vitamins would help? They're supposed to work pretty well to relieve nausea and seems like they'd be safe to give to a toddler.

Cody Casterline said...

OMG. The one with the hat and the glasses. Precious!